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Fastest way to find out about new deals is to follow us on Facebook or check out the deals section on the website. And while you're online, sign up for On the Move emails in the My Account section. You can also download the OTM App and always be on top of the latest offers.
While On the Move is not a traditional CAA Membership with full Roadside Assistance1, with an On the Move Membership you will have access to one Bike Assist call (Roadside Assistance for your bicycle) provided by CAA and deals at over 124,000 CAA/AAA partner locations across Canada and the US. Not to mention access to maps, travel and insurance experts, merchandise and more at any CAA Store locations. That's how you get to take advantage of the power of CAA! 
Because On the Move is powered by CAA, you have access to CAA travel experts, who are TICO certified and can offer great advice and also hook you up with Member travel perks. You can reach an agent at 1-855-643-4823 or visit a CAA Store. You can also book online at
CAA Dollars are the "currency" that is earned online and at some of the partner locations. 1 CAA Dollar equals $1 CAD. You can use your CAA Dollars towards travel and merchandise at CAA throughout the year. At renewal time, any CAA Dollars you have we will apply to your membership fee, unless you tell us you'd rather save them up for something else by calling 1-800-564-6222.
With a valid Membership number you can still access your Bike Assist call or some of the deals, even if you don't have a card, but some partners do need to swipe a physical card for discounts, so just give us a call and we'll send a replacement one out asap. In the meanwhile, you can find your membership number in My Account at or on your downloaded On the Move app.
We hate to see you go, but if you have to, just  give us a call at least 30 days before your expiry date, and we won't renew your On the Move Membership. On the Move is an annual Membership, so cancellation is only available at each renewal.
Your On the Move Membership covers you with one Bike Assist call, but if you do need assistance in a car, you can easily upgrade to a CAA Membership by calling us at (905) 747-4550.

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