One Call Gets You Rolling Again.

Just like cars, bikes can leave you stranded from time to time. Get assistance for your bike 24/7/365.*

Bike Assist will do repairs on the spot or give you and your bike a lift up to 10km.

Need Bike Help Now?

Call us at *222 or 905-747-4550 in GTA or 1-888-999-1472

Frequently Asked Questions

Many people are using bikes to commute, run errands or visit friends. It’s greener and beats the traffic. If you’re stranded on a roadside, it’s not safe and it’s not convenient.

Just like drivers, we want to give cyclists an easy way to get back on their way safely. That’s why we offer Bike Assist.

We try to be there in an hour or less, but it depends on traffic and where you are. 

You can use CAA Service Tracker app to see where the service vehicle is, and how close we are.

Within the cities we service, we can reach you on any road open to our service vehicle.

We’ll do our best to fix your bike and get you back on your way. If we can’t, we’ll give you and your bike a lift up to 10 km away.

As long as you are with your kid, you can use your call to fix their bike.

Because of the specialized nature of these types of bikes, sorry we can’t service them.

Your On the Move Membership includes one Bike Assist call per year.  If you need an extra call, we’ll come out on a “cash call” to help you out.

Uh, yeah, we do! Check out the On the Move app for cycling routes around town and the CAA Bike app for more routes and ride tracking.

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